Moso Bamboo SMRT

All the pacbio reads can be downloaded from SRP093919

Note:Analysis of PacBio single-molecule long-reads. Bamboo genome sequences and annotated gene models were downloaded from NCGR (Peng et al., 2013). ConsensusTools from the smrtanalysis_2.3.0 (Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc) was used from the command line to get reads of insert. Then, the command-line wrapper script from the smrtanalysis_2.3.0 was used for the full-length read identification. Both 5' and 3' Clontech kit primers seen as well as a poly(A) tail signal preceding the 3' primer were used to produce strand-specific full-length reads ( Then SMRT long reads from Pacific BioSciences were corrected by Illumina reads using LSC 1.alpha with Bowtie 2 version 2.2.1 alignment (Au et al., 2012).

Fasta files based on the pacbio reads


PacBio reads supported NovelGenes

Download PAS-seq bigwig file

bigwig file
Lateral_bud_rep1.Forward bigwig
Lateral_bud_rep1.Reverse bigwig
Lateral_bud_rep2.Forward bigwig
Lateral_bud_rep2.Reverse bigwig
Lateral_bud_rep3.Forward bigwig
Lateral_bud_rep3.Reverse bigwig
New_shoot_tip_rep1.Forward bigwig
New_shoot_tip_rep1.Reverse bigwig
New_shoot_tip_rep2.Forward bigwig
New_shoot_tip_rep2.Reverse bigwig
New_shoot_tip_rep3.Forward bigwig
New_shoot_tip_rep3.Reverse bigwig
Rhizome_tip_rep1.Forward bigwig
Rhizome_tip_rep1.Reverse bigwig
Rhizome_tip_rep2.Forward bigwig
Rhizome_tip_rep2.Reverse bigwig
Rhizome_tip_rep3.Forward bigwig
Rhizome_tip_rep3.Reverse bigwig

Download RNA-seq bigwig file

bigwig file
Rhizome_tip_Rep1.Forward bigwig
Rhizome_tip_Rep1.Reverse bigwig
Rhizome_tip_Rep2.Forward bigwig
Rhizome_tip_Rep2.Reverse bigwig
Rhizome_tip_Rep3.Forward bigwig
Rhizome_tip_Rep3.Reverse bigwig
New_shoot_tip_Rep1.Forward bigwig
New_shoot_tip_Rep1.Reverse bigwig
New_shoot_tip_Rep2.Forward bigwig
New_shoot_tip_Rep2.Reverse bigwig
New_shoot_tip_Rep3.Forward bigwig
New_shoot_tip_Rep3.Reverse bigwig
Lateral_bud_Rep1.Forward bigwig
Lateral_bud_Rep1.Reverse bigwig
Lateral_bud_Rep2.Forward bigwig
Lateral_bud_Rep2.Reverse bigwig
Lateral_bud_Rep3.Forward bigwig
Lateral_bud_Rep3.Reverse bigwig